Problem Solving Workshop with Dr. Mani Upreti


The introductory Session just in Rs. 199/-



About Mentor:

Mani applies a fact-based scientific approach to the problem at hand. She takes a detailed and thorough approach to finding out all aspects of the project at hand, including stakeholders, timelines, budgets, risks, upsides, and downsides associated with various steps and deliverables. This helps in breaking down the uncertainty around the approach and creates a clear path for execution.

About Session:

1. I can help with bringing structure to execution for a project
2. I can help in re-thinking a particular problem, which can result from a different solution that might be more feasible

For Whom are these sessions?

Female entrepreneurs who are working on their food ventures. Entrepreneurs looking to set up operations

Mentor Experience:

Interns in my corporate career who were exploring careers after education. I also took two sessions with 12th graders looking for career options after traditional education.

Message for Attendees:

I expect them to be sincere since mentoring can only become successful if the mentee understands and follows the guidance imparted, which is aligned with her problem.


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