Meera, an AmmaPreneur, has over two decades of experience in both corporate settings and entrepreneurship. Holding an M.Sc in Psychology, she is a Master NLP Practitioner and a Positive Psychology Coach certified by ICF.
Leveraging her extensive background, Meera specializes in assisting individuals in transforming their ideas and overcoming challenges, crafting a compelling narrative to create a Thriving business STORY.
Whether guiding from concept to realization or shaping a brand story, Meera can help you create one!

In addition to her hands-on involvement in business development, Meera shares her insights and experiences through podcasts covering mentoring, learning and development, and entrepreneurship.
Her mentorship offerings encompass business mentoring, business storytelling, and the cultivation of confidence-building skills.

Expertise :-

Entrepreneurship/ Start-up Mentoring, Leadership and Team Building, Business Storytelling, Podcasting/ Voice-over, Training/ Mentoring

With 20+ years of experience in the corporate sector and Entrepreneurship, I have served in various capacities such as HR, Trainer, and Campus-to-Corporate mentoring. My expertise extends to employee engagement and implementing seamless onboarding processes to enhance both customer and employee experiences.
Throughout my corporate journey, I have had the privilege of mentoring 5000-6000 individuals.
As the Founder of Mayaakatha Hub, my commitment to mentorship and professional development remains at the forefront.


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