Storytelling Training with S. W. Alvin Ansa Raja


The introductory Session just in Rs. 199/-



About Mentor:

Alvin helps working professionals excel in their workplace with storytelling, communication skills, and presentation skills. He is also the author of ‘The Storytelling Leader’, a book that teaches professionals to inspire others with stories from their life. He can help you to be the best version of yourself in the workplace and will help you skyrocket your career with trainings in communication skills, email writing and presentation skills.

About Session:

Effective Presentations with Storytelling in the workplace, Storytelling and Public Speaking training for students. Creative Engagement with Storytelling for teachers

For Whom are these sessions?

Tamil Nadu / 22 – 45 / Female / Training, IT professionals, teachers, psychologists

Mentor Experience:

I have trained IT professionals, trainers and teachers on storytelling. I have trained over 500 participants.

Message for Attendees:

Be committed to completing the training


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