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About Mentor:

Priya KS is a seasoned data expert with over 15 years of experience extracting valuable insights from complex information. Combining expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence and economics, she possesses a unique ability to translate raw data into actionable solutions for businesses and individuals alike. Her passion lies in empowering others to harness the power of their data. For businesses, she acts as a trusted advisor, navigating the intricacies of analytics and crafting data-driven strategies that optimize processes, drive revenue growth, and inform critical decision-making. She is also an enthusiastic mentor, committed to equipping the next generation of data analysts with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today’s information-driven landscape. Whether guiding students through the fundamentals of data analysis or delving into the fascinating world of AI and machine learning models, she fosters a supportive and engaging learning environment. Ultimately, Priya believes that data has the power to unlock tremendous potential, both for businesses and individuals. So, whether you’re an established company seeking data-driven growth or an aspiring analyst embarking on your analytical journey, she invites you to join the quest to unlock the power of information. Together, you can transform data into knowledge, shaping a future fuelled by insight and innovation.

About Session:

Unlock the Secrets of Data: From Zero to Hero in No Time

  • For Students: Build cool stuff: Learn how to create data dashboards, analyze projects, and even build your own AI models!
  • Master the basics: No fancy jargon here. We’ll break down data analysis into bite-sized chunks, from cleaning messy data to making it sing with charts and graphs.
  • Land your dream job: Get personalized advice on resumes, interviews, and navigating the data science job market. I’ll be your cheerleader and sounding board as you launch your career.
  • For Businesses: Turn data into dollars: Stop staring at spreadsheets! I’ll help you unlock the secrets hidden in your data, leading to smarter decisions, happier customers, and bigger profits.
  • Get insights, not headaches: I’ll cut through the data jungle and guide you to the clearings of real understanding. No more feeling lost in numbers.

Empower your team: Build a data-driven culture where everyone sees how their work connects to the bigger picture. We’ll train your team to speak the language of data and make informed choices.

For Whom are these sessions?

  • For Students:
    • -Age: Typically university students or recent graduates, ranging from late teens to mid-20s.
    • -Demography: Varied backgrounds, including students studying data science, computer science, statistics, engineering, and related fields.
    • -Domain: Interested in learning about data analysis, data visualization, machine learning, and AI.
  • For Businesses:
    • -Small to medium-sized businesses looking to leverage their data for growth and optimization.
    • -Startups seeking to implement data-driven strategies from the ground up.
    • -Industries may include technology, e-commerce, finance, healthcare, marketing, and more.

Mentor Experience:

My mentoring experience

Executive Mentorship: I’ve worked with senior leaders and executives, helping them leverage data for strategic decision-making, optimize processes, and drive business growth. Guiding them through the complexities of data-driven initiatives has been incredibly rewarding, seeing firsthand the impact it can have on organizational success.

Team Development: I’ve facilitated workshops and training programs for entire teams, empowering them to understand and utilize data in their daily work. Building a data-driven culture within organizations from the ground up has been truly exciting, witnessing increased collaboration, efficiency, and overall performance.

Individual Coaching: I’ve provided personalized coaching to data analysts, scientists, and business professionals across diverse disciplines. Helping them hone their skills, navigate career challenges, and achieve their specific goals has been immensely gratifying, knowing I’m contributing to their individual development and advancement.

Formal Programs: I’ve served as a mentor in structured programs like Business Analytics Program, guiding students through data analysis projects and career development. I’ve helped over 30 participants master essential skills, build their confidence, and land their dream jobs.

Message for Attendees:

As a mentor, my expectations for commitment and engagement from mentees are focused on creating a mutually beneficial and productive learning experience. Here’s what I value:

  • Active participation: This involves attending scheduled meetings, asking thoughtful questions, and coming prepared to discuss progress and challenges. I want to see genuine interest and a desire to learn.
  • Openness to feedback: My role is to guide and challenge, so receiving feedback – even if it’s not always easy to hear – is crucial for growth. I encourage mentees to be open to different perspectives and willing to adapt their approach.
  • Self-directed learning: While I provide guidance and resources, taking initiative and ownership of your learning journey is essential. Setting personal goals, researching independently, and seeking out additional knowledge demonstrates a proactive mindset.
  • Regular communication: Keeping in touch allows us to address any concerns promptly and maintain momentum.

Whether it’s through scheduled meetings, email updates, or quick check-ins, consistent communication ensures we’re both on the same page. Remember, open communication is key, so feel free to discuss your own expectations and learning preferences as well. Let’s work together to create a mentorship experience that benefits us both!


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