Session Topics: Storytelling for Students, Teachers, Public Speaking, and Communication skills

For Whom are these sessions?

Target Audience: Anyone who is above the age of 6

About the Mentor:

✔️ Lakshmi has had a penchant for listening to and telling stories from a tender age. Her passion for storytelling led her to create Kathaa Yaana, her venture in storytelling and public speaking.
✔️ She conducts workshops for participants of all age groups.
✔️ Her areas of passion and expertise are the art of storytelling, dramatic storytelling, and public speaking.
✔️ She wishes to help her mentees by enhancing their confidence while speaking on stage, improving their vocal and physical expressions and body language while speaking, and/or narrating stories.

Message for Attendees:

My only expectation from my mentees would be to instill passion for the art they want to get mentored in.


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