Session Topics:

  1. Creative Writing Mentor
  2. Social Media Coach & Branding Consultant
  3. Small business development consultant
  4. Communication skills mentor

For Whom are these sessions?

Adults & Kids aged 8 and above.

About the Mentor:

Anupama Dalmia is a multiple award-winning blogger, author, digital content creator, serial entrepreneur, and writing mentor. She has reached out to 5000+ kids across the globe through her classes and workshops. She is a Karmaveer Chakra Gold Medalist, which is a global civilian honour presented by the International Confederation of NGOs in association with the United Nations. She is among the most recognised parenting bloggers in India and her blog posts across platforms have more than 30 million views. She has been featured in various reputed media platforms, magazines, and newspapers among the top bloggers, influencers, and entrepreneurs in India. Recently, she was featured among the top 18 writing mentors across the globe on the coveted platform of The Himalayan Writing Retreat.
✔️ Mentored over 5000+ kids and teens over a span of 7 years on creative writing, critical thinking and vocabulary-building
✔️ Mentored 300+ women one-on-one on developing their businesses and understanding how they can use digital media for branding and growth.
✔️ Mentored several authors and other creative professionals on social media branding as well as marketing strategies and tips.

Message for Attendees:
Punctuality and completion of tasks and assignments as per mutually agreed expectations.


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